Healthy aging is a lifelong investment

Yoxlo believes you can be as active at 95 as you are today, by slowing the age process now

Healthy aging is a lifelong investment

Yoxlo’s patented research has unlocked the key to prolonging good health as we age

Rethinking old age

How scientific intervention can keep us healthier for longer

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Even though we might be living longer than ever, many people still live their last years suffering from age-related diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, stroke, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes.  But Yoxlo is working to help us conquer common diseases and defy aging as we know it.

With a patented breakthrough in aging research, its labs are developing a health product that inhibits one protein that plays a pivotal role in aging. With less of the NLRP3 protein, we could all delay the inevitable, staying youthful and active for longer than ever before.

Supporting Yoxlo’s research and development is an investment in both your long-term health and in the science of healthy aging. Find out more about its unique strategy, dedicated to prolong good mental and physical health as we age.


Staying active with Youngenin


How healthy aging is simply a matter of good science

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Biologically, humans should be able to live at least one hundred years in good mental and physical health. But today, only a tiny group of people—high performing centenarians—achieve what we all want: a long healthspan that is active and disease-free. There is a unique reason why.

NLRP3: the culprit of many age-related diseases
It’s in their DNA. High-performing centenarians produce far less NLRP3, a member in a family of proteins that form inflammasomes. The most deeply researched protein of its kind, NLRP3 is the culprit in a long list of diseases. High NLRP3 levels play a pivotal role in the pathology of the age-related diseases that affect everyone else later in life, except for high-performing centenarians, who remain free of disease much longer than everybody else.

When NLRP3 is activated, it starts making interleukin-1β (IL-1ß), a cytokine and key mediator in our bodies’ inflammatory response. Normally, secretion of IL-1ß benefits us by clearing infection and cellular damage. But NLRP3 is chronically activated in aging people, resulting in slightly increased levels of IL-1ß.  Although unnoticeable, over the years or decades this has a devastating effect on cells, organs, and tissue.

In a groundbreaking discovery, Yoxlo has found a way to mimic the genetic advantage of high-performing centenarians with Youngenin, a patented  bio-active compound that can inhibit NLRP3 and lower IL-1ß in all of us. Research in mice revealed that inhibiting NLRP3 prevents diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, cancer, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson’s.

As the mice aged, it was shown to also prevent cognitive decline and frailty. The compound worked to extend their lifespan and remain healthy for longer. At Yoxlo we are convinced that the same can be done in humans, making it possible to add more healthy years to one’s life.

With Youngenin, we can all invest in staying young and active for longer.


Keep on doing what you love. For longer.

our mission

We pioneer and promote science through curiosity.

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Yoxlo’s name incorporates everything the company strives for, living Younger for Longer, thanks to a groundbreaking X-factor: a health product that helps prolong the human healthspan at a cellular level. 

Yoxlo was founded by Dr. Stef Verlinden, a research physician who specializes in gene therapy and cell engineering. Driven to help active people stay younger for longer, Yoxlo is developing a supplement with a compound proven to delay the low-grade inflammation leading to the diseases that often plague us as we grow older.


Stef Verlinden

Founder and Chief Innovation Officer

“Dr. Verlinden imagines a future in which we could delay the inevitable, staying youthful and active for longer than ever before”.

Supporting Yoxlo’s research and development is an investment in both your long-term health and in the science of healthy aging

After years advancing scientific discovery, including researching gene therapy at Crucell (now Janssen Vaccines), the avid kite surfer, father, and researcher refuses to accept aging in the traditional sense. His life’s work researching rare, hereditary diseases, HIV, and Alzheimer’s lead to discovering how we can all age as well as high-performing centenarians, healthy and free of serious diseases. That is, with a healthy lifestyle and investing in healthy aging now, by preventing the onset of disease instead of treating it once it develops. 

Verlinden has filed two patent applications in the United States and European Union for the technology and the method that helps lower a risk factor for disease. 

We strive for a fantastic life for all people and will continue to develop novel insights and products to shrink the difference in healthspan between common people and high-performing centenarians.


Challenging the conventional

Yoxlo is a pioneer in the science of healthy aging.


Passion for progress

Our curiosity drives high expectations in research.


Life is extraordinary

Life is too short to be ordinary. Live it to the fullest. 

Join us in our mission.



Are you an investor and biotech health pioneer that can bring Yoxlo’s supplement to the next level?

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Yoxlo is actively seeking investors who are equally passionate about the science of better aging and prolonging their own good health. For updates on how you can support the next level of research on Youngenin and be among the first to enjoy its benefits, join our list or email us via the form below.


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