March 27, 2024

$101 Million X-Prize Announced for Reversing Aging: YOXLO Among the Contenders

In a groundbreaking move to shift focus from treating diseases to enhancing the years one lives in good health (healthspan), YOXLO is setting its sights on a monumental challenge. The company is at the forefront of extending healthspan with its cutting-edge research into innovative food supplements designed to reverse the aging process.


Peter H Diamandis

This ambition is perfectly in sync with the newly announced X-prize for healthspan, a staggering $101 million award aimed at the first company capable of significantly reversing age-related declines in muscle strength, cognitive function, and immune system performance by at least a decade.

YOXLO is poised to enter this thrilling and pioneering competition, leveraging its advancements in anti-aging solutions to potentially transform how we understand and approach the aging process.

February 23, 2022

Blocking NLRP3 extends health and lifespan by almost one-third

Blocking NLRP3 extends health and lifespan by almost one-third.
In a groundbreaking study, the research group of Mario D. Cordero found that mice lacking the protein NLRP3 have a 30% increased health and lifespan compared to ordinary and otherwise healthy mice [1].

This study confirms what was found earlier by the group of Visha Dixit, where removing NLRP3 prevented frailty, bone loss, and cognitive decline. As a result, these animals' healthspan - the time lived in good health - is extended. [2]

NLRP3 plays a pivotal role in aging.
The function of NLRP3 is that it is a sensor for the immune system that guards off infections and tissue damage. Luckily it rarely has to come into action.

The problem is that NLRP3 is - promiscuously - activated by compounds we increasingly make in our bodies as we age. For example, amyloid-β aggregates and cholesterol crystals. A poor lifestyle accelerates this process.

The result is an almost unnoticeable chronic low-grade inflammation. As we know now, this plays a pivotal role in the pathology of nearly all age-related diseases. In mice, blocking NLRP3 prevents these diseases and extends their health- and lifespan.

At Yoxlo we are convinced the same can be done in humans, making it possible to add more healthy years to one's life.


  1. Marín-Aguilar F, Lechuga-Vieco AV, et al. NLRP3 inflammasome suppression improves longevity and prevents cardiac aging in male mice. Aging Cell. 2020 Jan;19(1):e13050.
  2. Youm YH, Grant RW, et al. Canonical Nlrp3 inflammasome links systemic low-grade inflammation to functional decline in aging. Cell Metab. 2013 Oct 1;18(4):519-32.

December 17, 2021

Cutting calories in humans extends health

For decades, it has been known that restricting calories by one-third, without any other intervention, increases the healthy lifespan in worms, mice, and monkeys.

Now scientists at Yale University have found that cutting calories by a mere 14 percent for 2 years—about one less muffin per day—in humans lead to multiple health benefits which might slow down aging. Two years of modest caloric restriction reprogrammed how fat cells regulate mitochondria to generate energy and the body’s anti-inflammatory responses. 

It turned out that this diet lowered a protein called platelet-activating factor acetylhydrolase (PLA2G7). Removing this protein from mice lowered NLRP3 inflammasome activation, subsequent IL-1β levels, and improved metabolic health. 

From previous studies by this group and others, it is already known that blocking NLRP3 and lowering IL-1β extends health and lifespan in mice.

Reference: Spadaro O, Youm Y, et al. Caloric restriction in humans reveals immunometabolic regulators of health span. Science. 2022 Feb 11;375(6581):671-677.


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